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About Dianetics And Scientology

The following links will answer most of your questions regarding Dianetics and the Scientology Religion. Don't hesitate to call if your questions are not answered.


Adherents of every religion are bound together by creeds and codes. These creeds state their aspirations, their duties, their mores and their beliefs. They align the religion's purposes and reinforce the basic tenets of the religion.

The codes and creeds of Scientology were written by L. Ron Hubbard in the 1950s during the formative years of the religion. They set the guidelines for the practice and expansion of Scientology and still serve those ends today.

Included in these creeds are codes for the auditor, the supervisor, the manager and additional codes by which all Scientologists strive to live. Like Scientology, the usefulness of these principles determines their worth.

Scientologists follow these precepts in applying Scientology Technology, in dealings with others and in the administration of their groups and the practice of their religion.

  1. The Creed of the Church of Scientology
  2. The Auditors Code
  3. The Code of Honor
  4. The Code of a Scientologist
  5. The Supervisor's Code
  6. The Credo of a True Group Member
  7. The Credo of a Good and Skilled Manager
  8. The Aims of Scientology

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