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Are you directing your life?

Become more certain of yourself  

Self confidence is self determinism. One's belief in one's ability to determine his own course. As long as one has that, he's got the universe in his pocket. - L. Ron Hubbard

Self confidence is something most people would like to have more of, but aren't sure how to get.

Did you ever feel more certain of yourself in the past?

Would you like to raise your self confidence?

To increase self confidence, you have to understand what reduces it.

If you know why this happens, you can reverse the situation and rebuild your self esteem.

On the How to Achieve Self Confidence Course you will learn:
The knowledge and tools on this course will help you achieve a new level of self confidence, accomplish more and progress toward a higher level of personal survival.

For more information, Contact the Registrar at the Mission of Victoria: 778-265-3025

Success Stories

"This was one of the most powerful courses I've ever taken. Other courses helped me handle specific parts of my life, but any of that can be blocked when part of the mind says 'you can't do anything.' The course helped me confront that part of the mind. Now I know what to do." - V.J.

"This course has given me a sense of knowledge on how to maintain my self confidence. In a way it has given me hope. I now know that there is a way to reach my dreams. The way I perceive myself is the way others will. Therefore it is up to me to perceive myself as the best. I have it in me to do whatever it is I want to do and this course has made me realize that and given me techniques on how to be the best I can be." - L.P.

"I have always had trouble with self confidence, ever since I can remember. I've always looked to others for approval rather than myself. Now I know that self confidence is found in one's self. I have many comprehensible tools I can apply to my life to ensure I keep my self confidence." - M.M.

Length of course is 4 days part time.

Call for a Consultation: 778-265-3025

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